SPACE SHUTTLE  is a multifunctional structure, a scaled replica of PS² project space in Donegall Street, Belfast. Approx.12m² internally, this portacabin type module is sent into ‘orbit’ for six missions, each at significant locations in Belfast. For up to two weeks, interdisciplinary artists/initiatives and (community) organizations will use the device as a platform for urban creativity and social interaction.

SPACE SHUTTLE can be used as an onsite work base, as office/meeting point for activities, as a creative laboratory or non- profit use in order to create- with the participation of the residents and social environment- new and site influenced work. All ‘mission’ findings will be documented in a publication along with an exhibition back at mother ship- project space.

SPACE SHUTTLE is supported by Belfast City Council through Celebrate Belfast 2006 and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland through the National Lottery. Special thanks also to Barnardo's NI.

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